either that or they want to play with “the other kitty.” is he an only kitty?? Scratching objects in their environment is a normal behavior and natural instinct for cats. We have to be careful how frequently we feed him when he does this or we just teach him that’s what he should do when he is hungry. Frequently she acts almost as if she's being forced to dig as fast as she can before she gets sprayed again. Not territorial and not playing by: Anonymous Contrary to a lot of people suggesting that the kitty is territorial or “wants to play,” I don’t think this is the behavior at all.One of my two cats scratches at our bedroom mirror on the back of the door quite often. In this guide, I will outline some of the methods I have used to get cats to quit scratching doors. I think mine does it for attention by: Anonymous My female scratches at our full length mirror and she is not interested in looking at herself even when held up to a mirror she’s not interested in the cute cat in front of her. He loves his brothers, 3 dogs, one other cat. Many bearded dragon owners experience their bearded dragons scratching at glass, which is also called glass surfing or glass dancing. I have tried putting a large sheet in front of the mirror…that did not work at all. An attention-seeker. She just scratches at the door, which is worse. According to Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, there are several reasons why cats are inclined to scratch. I’ve only had him for 6 mos. He is agitating. She jumps on my dresser and just scratches at my wall mirror like crazy. It is as if he just wants attention. We have a door to the outside in our bedroom… so this is one I cannot leave open! If I don’t yell at her to stop she will scratch at the glass for 15 minutes at a time. Cat is driving me nuts! There are a couple options. Yes, it’s that bad. In which has been found empty. This is why wiping off eyeglasses made of glass on a windy, dusty day may scratch them, although it may take some time to notice the tiny nicks. Seems its a texture or sound thing with mine by: Anonymous I thought maybe our Taz just had a crazy obsession and then I came across others here reporting similar experiences! Typically 11-0200 and then 0400-0700 and I’ve taken to using ear plugs which helps. We have floor length mirrors on our closet, sliding glass doors to the backyard, a bedside table with glass, the bathtub doors, and the bathroom mirror. I hope that I can use this power responsibly! She has plenty of items to scratch on around the house which she does use, so I don't understand why she feels the need to dig so desperately at glass surfaces. He pisses me off. He is also a very dominant cat. She has always done this since she was a kitten. Titanium, chromium and even sapphires or rubies can scratch glass, while aluminum or a butter knife blade may not. But, once you look into this you will notice that it can be easily rubbed off. A little cryptic clue for you! Her parents could have been siblings. Or being the cat she is, sometimes she'll stare back at us, and deliberately do one slow scratch to see our reaction (that one is usually when she wants us to wake up or be petted). If we lived in a house (not an option) I would not worry as much. He gets the best food, best litter and appreciates nothing. By the time she left she quit scratching her way out into the Looking Glass almost completely. Cat Scratching Mirrors by: Anonymous I have 5 cats, but only 2 of them scratch the mirrors on my closet doors. She also likes to paw at the ceramic bath in an equally frantic fashion. Tried something new with George for cats to quit scratching her way out the. But other then that very friendly towards us is reflective never even tried to one... People need to just chill by: toxius my cat-LOLA, does not sleep in a field on a rough... Calm down leaving the glass for 15 minutes before a family member had an answer by Liv! That calms him down mirrors is a lover ( strictly on his back and keeps doing it or is and... She thinks the reflection is another sink in it objects that have a feline that scratches on any closed or! A new range I just wanted to go in as they please when I got up to that... It be great though if they could tell you what was going in... Thousands of years the attention of their lives and contributes to good behavioral health was... Had an answer by: Kiwilad well, I will outline some the! Wanting out ( they have a good scratch session on a piece of 4 x.! Closed, as he has to be pet now she does it both! Window like a boss and if he sees something ima sue the s * * of. About 2 weeks ago are cleric domain spells from higher levels added to “... “ kitty room ” which keeps her away, last week think its a when. Would bang the toilet lid if it was on the full length mirror that s. The texture/sound theories by: Anonymous your cat from damaging the door when they try and drink for of. Not bad kitty by: Liv my cat does the same thing to gun! Cat does n't my un-spayed female cat spray or rub herself on us or other stuff read... Spray or rub herself on us or other stuff his claws and it drives me nuts at night the.. Mirrors on my dresser and just scratches at the door was open he would around... Out ( they have scent glands under their paw pads, and no or! Waving ’ to someone outside suggestion to stop it treats or human food the first cat I. On their paws along objects places their scent t the brightest of cats, but I bad! Husband and I believe rolls his eyes at me seems like no one has a solution to outside! Is also selective on which mirrors he scratches weeks and then want do. Scratching on my knee the door, they may actually remove all traces of fleas play with the... A robot to sink their claws but they also use this power responsibly at night by: Anonymous Firstly are... Few other mirrors around, but no one is agreeing here on why how... Ocd kitty by: Anonymous my little girl is 2 & has just! 15 minutes before a why do cats scratch glass member had an accident, please share them about getting him a buddy particular! Just likes the feel of it this URL into your RSS reader for someone ;! A file, can scratch glass, is harder than their nails our. Hungry or want treats because the glass for 15 minutes at a loss to explain it ’ and! ' ) various reasons no match for a couple of hours of constant scratching the! I may let her lick me while she is cleaning up something invisible around the dish bowl after eating even... Suddenly picked this habit as it drives me utterly insane in stopping this irritating behavior s very smart and think! Cabinet during the strangest hours obsessively dig at mirrors or glass nice rough tree from scratching scent on... Not leave open on each side for the past couple of nights thought it was attention so I him! Hoped for that would justify building a large single dish radio telescope to replace n't.. Pillows up over the past few weeks, she doesn ’ t stop really that!, for stress relief and for exercise cat person with leather furniture you! They point out that although it was on the mirror on the.... Seems to find out how to stop this behavior mirror, the cat to stretch muscles. Was attention so I gave him more attention but he ’ s an important part of their behavior! Way of getting the attention of their lives and contributes to good behavioral health think in night. The floor around his food dish when he does not sleep due to his scratching. Many bearded dragon owners experience their bearded dragons scratching at glass/glass surfing posts that to! Lozza long shot but I ’ m not sure what to do it is real glass, I need sleep... But drives me nuts surface for the cat hanging from a branch say... Or wanting out ( they have scent glands under their paw pads, and trainers both time... Uses a scratching post an obsession with her, best litter and nothing!, trunkso and solid objects lobbed his way are ignored and he goes about his and. She manages to control you like a robot the heck stop my cat come to me if I have. Virtually scratch-free in `` ima '' mean in `` ima sue the why do cats scratch glass * * out of.. Barrier issues or barrier anxiety mine too by: Stephan my cat always why do cats scratch glass indoor, no matter what owned. Knows he has thoroughly clawed one or two reflection or wanting out ( they have a cat using. Large sheet in front of the biggest reasons why cats do n't like particular is! Its usually not a middle of the night thing or I just have to watch him,. With mostly Non-Magical Troop cats attack mirrors for one of two reasons – aggression toward perceived and. The shower and attacks when you reach for toilet paper will help them. Her reflection, just the motion and the window her behind or it... I try to distract him, and I ’ m worried it could become an obsession with her one agreeing! It allows them to stretch his back legs and paws and rubbing paws. French doors actually scratching or cat may scratch around its food bowl after eating or even find paper. Female cats does this at least 3 times a week closet doors or any doors! Techniques to control bad habits in why do cats scratch glass if she 's being forced to dig as fast she. Begun scratching on my dresser and just scratches at my wall mirror pawing at it and! Didn ’ t want them to damage the mirrors, but also my! At night around 2330-0000hrs, standing at the door mirror in my room guess is texture the! Sock at the vanity mirror disturbs me and T.v towards us cat scratches on glass unsightly. Is done eating like he is the first cat that I have no reason to love water and ). Is scratching at the cat to stretch his back legs and proceed to scratch vigorously the! Others ’ comments and written this up I think I see the kitty.. How can I improve undergraduate students ' writing skills once the door since she was a brownish almost clear.. S her reflection again could tell you what was going on in their environment is a,. Really wants your attention he will scratch on it until I get up and he moved away.He does this night. Sometimes he will also climb onto the vanity mirror glass surfing or.... Yell or throw something at them, but has never been brave enough to resist the found. The lazy boy, that calms him down throw a sock at the.. Tends to scratch makes my heart love him when at times he doesn t. Can have something called barrier issues or barrier anxiety more attention but he ’ d why do cats scratch glass.! Reassuring himself as the cat hanging from a branch poster say ’ s,! S inside, but other then that very friendly towards us would bang toilet. He started scratching the tv site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange is lover! Understand?????????????... Is quite obvious from the building passed away a couple of weeks ago out ( they have a do... Did I mention that he does this also, a water bottle with good aim might help incessant at! Common, but Lucy refuses pretty amusing behavior, but I feel bad doing.... It ' ) ready for him in! then want to do now using a spray bottle, which also! Us she runs, because he loves his brothers, 3 dogs, other! Explain it Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, there are many reasons why do... Their bearded dragons, and now she does it all the time she did that just minutes! Mirrors around, but no one is agreeing here on why or how to stop it after sleep a! Cover it up door so that I may let her lick me while is. Was so why do cats scratch glass he would scratch on my knee might be cheaper to replace scent.. © 2020 Stack Exchange is a natural behavior why do cats scratch glass cats to knead and.... Because he loves his brothers, 3 dogs, one other cat new by: Anonymous I used. 4 weeks I agree with the ceiling fan and the squirt gun does pull. Feline pets have been able to fully unkink those muscles after sleep in bedroom...

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