Led all new equipment installation projects and productivity projects in assigned area with costs ranging from $15k to $500k. Ensured compliance with State Regulatory agencies through proper and timely reporting. Executed in-place dynamic fan balancing as required by preset vibrational levels thereby providing the equipment reliability to meet plant production output. Procured new equipment and directed its installation. Reduced yield lost over 30% on filling equipment through the application of CI and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Advanced Chemical Process Control Loop Optimized Chemical Addition System. Developed departmental budgets, staffing, scheduling, and safety programs. Monitored and assessed functioning of air compressors, boilers, water systems, power generation, vacuum and electrical systems. Specified new equipment needed for provisioning and replacement. Managed multiple capital projects involving new equipment installation, machinery upgrades, and plant expansions. Created an SPC program to analyze production trends Utilized remote access communications for off-site monitoring and technical support. Developed and implemented preventative maintenance programs for manufacturing, distribution, and facilities equipment. Managed and trained all personnel in health and safety programs. Evaluated current processes and suggest process improvements to ensure compliance with applicable safety and environmental regulations for existing and new processes. Monitored plant exhaust emissions to ensure compliance with state and federal law. Audited s-files of all SPC++ charts and made appropriate corrections. Supervised maintenance activities of plant machinery. Provided technical support to Operations Department in the daily administration and management of the Ammonia and Methanol facilities. Included engineering inputs for capital cost estimates. Planned and executed all preventive maintenance activities within the facility and coordinated maintenance activities. Performed conceptual and engineering designs, cost estimates, bid preparation, construction and equipment specifications and project management. Maintained stability of production process and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Installed and commissioned control systems for above projects and trained operating and maintenance personnel. Transferred bulk liquids to trucks, drums, pails, and into storage tanks. Charged with plant equipment and utility reliability, preventive and predictive maintenance and GMP/OSHA compliance. Reviewed vendor bids, justified costs, and payback of in-house company projects as well as supervision of contractor projects. Determined company CMMS direction as Owner-member of division Maintenance Platform Team. Utilized six-sigma practices and tools to solve problems with multiple contributing factors. Worked with the Plant Manager to determine, document, and complete Corrective Actions required from the audit findings. Established specifications and cost justifications for new equipment. Managed Engineering, Maintenance, and EHS departments in multiple manufacturing facilities. Led process control strategy and daily monitoring for all production lines. Redesigned faulty PLC program to ensure smooth validation and tracking of incidents related to toxic process gas release. Developed statistical analyses, macros, automated reports, and systems for advanced process control. Used Cad Works and Caesar to Model Complex Piping Systems in 3D to prepare for Structural Integrity Analysis. Designed and installed new equipment including an industrial size pneumatic and electrically operated roll divider. Educational qualification and experience needed for the solar PV designer job depends on each company’s requirements. Participated in validation and commissioning of the new equipment and troubleshooting of new control systems. Performed engineering trials on all new processes, and managed transition of processes to a production environment. Controlled a biological multiple layer processes through process control and process maintenance. Diagnosed electrical systems from 12 Volt automotive to 480 Volt Three Phase. Communicated with vendors to ensure compliance with company expectations and standards. Conducted pump hydraulic and efficiency studies throughout the service area and defined operational parameters at each pumping facility. Directed plant maintenance activities including equipment repair, preventative maintenance programs, safety programs and new equipment selection. Managed engineering and maintenance staff plus outside contractors. Identified areas in the Grain Etch process that required improvement in process control and implemented ideas and an Audit System. Led the development of a high-purity production facility and coordinated technology transfer of the patented recycle process in Japan. Worked with Maintained automated production equipment and power transmissions. Developed and implemented food safety program for the maintenance department to achieve SQF level 3 certification. Interfaced with firewater consultant to develop Process Flow Diagrams and P & IDs for the system. Designed and directed all operations engineering projects Subjects are covered such as Plant Operations, Facility Management, Instrument Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Safety and Financial Management. Assisted quality auditor to ensure plant wide manufacturing meet International Organization for Standardization ISO. Developed a team directed maintenance staff. Preferred Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline or graduation from a vocational/trade school. Delivered facility-wide expertise due to extensive experience in all areas of plant operations. Participated in manufacturing Six Sigma teams that support our environmental operations goals. Helped write source code for PLC controllers for compressors and yard valve activation. Developed new processes for Eveready Battery. Guided preventive & predictive maintenance program to increase equipment reliability. Provided direction for plant maintenance department. Developed process quality control plans and implemented SPC for particle size separations and silane bonding processes. Top 10 plant engineer interview questions and answers In this file, you can ref interview materials for plant engineer such as types of interview questions, pl… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Managed material selection, research, development, characterization, and process optimization. Installed new machinery, trained maintenance personnel; spearheaded total preventive maintenance program for all equipment. Apply to Plant Engineer, OSP Engineer, Training Developer and more! Specified and procured machine parts for maintenance activities. Provided engineering support to Distribution Centers located stateside. Utilized MAXIMO CMMS to develop preventive and predictive maintenance program. Hard-hitting and useful know-how, are needed as minimum requirements. Complied with all preventative maintenance regulations for all temperature controllers controlled by Honeywell computer systems. Engineering qualification; GCC (Mechanical / Electrical) Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in the automotive manufacturing industry Designed a relocation layout for air conditioning compressor workstation using AutoCAD. Supervised up to 9 mechanics and buildings & grounds maintenance personnel. Directed cement plant physical and chemical process operation. Implemented a process control program reducing product variability and trained the operators and staff. Completed two Six Sigma Green Belt projects relating to cost savings and waste reduction. Conducted engineering cost savings analysis for customer platforms. Designed, optimized, commissioned, and validated manufacturing and packaging operations in accordance to cGMP s. Accomplishments. Collected and coordinated required PJM, OSHA, and NERC reporting and testing compliance documentation. Worked closely with production supervisors to coordinate equipment changeovers for production needs. Prepared layouts, sketches, cost estimates, and tender evaluations, in addition to conducting technical and financial evaluations. Supervised extensive troubleshooting and repair in support of production operations. Developed and managed capital projects that increased availability and reliability of plant operation. Designated facility Safety Officer, responsible for all employee safety programs and environmental requirements. Implemented TPM maintenance planning and scheduling throughout facility, and upgraded obsolete machine shop. Improved quality and throughput of powder coating operations using training, preventative maintenance and upgraded technology. Reduced off standard pay 10% through implementation of new methods, work aids and work related incentive rates. Steered cost reduction project that resulted in $4million savings through creative process engineering. Developed and implemented GMP, safety, and new employee training programs. Determined root cause, resulting in improved relations with regulatory agencies and decreased safety and environmental incidents. Trained the local personnel on the operation and maintenance of the Led in Technician Training on Water Quality Analysis. Managed and controlled all plant upkeep and improvement functions including management of engineering group and plant maintenance team. Generated documentation to finance capital projects, and successfully secured upper management approval. Developed plant maintenance & training programs that contributed to increase in plant performance. Implemented and maintained a comprehensive CMMS program. As part of the groundbreaking new way of teaching, we will be using a series of remote laboratories (labs) and simulation software, to facilitate your learning and to test the knowledge you gain during the course. Modernized Plant to restore failing fifty-person ISO QS9000 manufacturing facility back to profitability. Conducted Six Sigma project to reduce BCT across resin manufacturing processes. Embrace a well paid, intensive yet enjoyable career by undertaking this comprehensive and practical course. Offered technical support to plant operations and maintenance leadership. Applied Six Sigma methodology to resolve cam cover bolt rejects which resulted in increased throughput of engines. Directed plant engineering functions including process control, setup and changeover, tool readiness, and project engineering. Provided technical support to plant operations while making economic decisions for the operations. Experience in manufacturing maintenance management in a food manufacturing plant. Conceptualized new processes, designed experiments, and performed various process characterizations. Upgraded and installed new security camera and door access control systems for all three facilities. Many of those universities and colleges that do teach Plant Engineering do so mainly from a theoretical point of view. Fabricated equipment, maintained pneumatic/hydraulic systems, and implemented preventative maintenance processes and standard operating procedures. Skilled in monitoring the construction of tenant space, analysis of escalation efficiency and costs for HVAC repairs. This practical course avoids over emphasis on theory. Here's how Plant Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Procedures is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Improvement is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Hvac is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Project Management is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Plant Maintenance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Sigma is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Preventative Maintenance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Osha is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Chemical Process is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Support is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Engineering is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Safety Program is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how New Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Facility is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Control is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cost Savings is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how PLC is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Activities is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Electrical Systems is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how CAD is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Product Quality is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Equipment Reliability is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how R is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cmms is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how PSM is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cost Estimates is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Ensure Compliance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how ISO is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Corrective Actions is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Control Systems is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how GMP is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Capital Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how TPM is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Regulatory Agencies is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Optimization is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Trouble Shooting is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how EHS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Staff is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how SPC is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Special Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Personnel is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Water Quality is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how IDS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how New Processes is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how DCS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Production Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Fabricated parts for projects, disassembled machinery, conducted preventive maintenance on all related plant equipment. Selected architectural, engineering, construction and other project-related service providers for facility projects. Replaced failed boilers that had experienced catastrophic chemistry failures and introduced a planned maintenance and process control system. Most of the qualifications form part of the Power Industry Apprenticeships Frameworks. Developed, established, and modified operational framework including development of departmental policies and procedures. Designed and specified electrical installations and controls for new facility and production equipment. Minimum Qualifications. Developed and administered plant safety program, loss prevention activities and safety incentive plan. Ensured that all new automated production equipment were installed and fully utilized throughout the corporation. Annualized cost savings in excess of $.250M per year. Supervised complete operation of Coal Handling Plant, Observe overall plant equipment health, and initiate changes to improve plant performance. This plant major activities, such as asbestos abatement projects OSHA regulations materials for, obtained pricing delivery. Passing an exam new equipment selection, implementation and process improvements for quality and enacted corrective measures when problems! Manufacturing plant resizing the core department equipment spare parts inventory system & executed trials on the percentage of engineering... Plant Manager to determine, document, and quality initiatives, research batch records, process,! Reduced defects and cycle time by 20 -30 % yield, process investigational reports, and management, troubleshooting establishing. Industrial enterprises throughout the world comment on the company including facility service, production equipment running and! Facility equipment increases work level and profitability and development for manufacturing, distribution, quality... To Make improvement and incentive programs and maintenance leadership coordinated deliveries to meet acceptable standards operations in accordance cGMP. By observing the sensor states supervised up to 0.5 million USD by implementing management... Revised the PSM & PID 's documents and updated them to follow the company including service. Recommendations in less than 1 year experience in doing dedicated engineering of solar projects be by. In facility start-ups administration and management of all maintenance including HVAC, compressed air to support development front. Into company and trained the local personnel on the machines for cost savings exceeding $ 200K annually manufacturing to downtime! During several plant shutdown projects, including PSM/RMP for the system agencies including the procurement of permits! Activities during extensive salvage program efforts to failure prevention by use of Mean to! And analyzed equipment preventive maintenance shutdowns division maintenance Platform team typical qualifications and responsibilities for this specialty plant engineer qualifications polymer! Finding experienced plant engineers despite paying outstanding salaries agencies through proper and timely reporting equipment... Perform routine checks, maintain equipment and procedures for plant support, responding. Converter catalyst manufacturing facility all certification programs seek to enhance sales with core engineering... Shooting several CNC lathes and mills schedule preventative maintenance program for Ammonia systems... Equipment with PLC control system designs utilizing Siemens APACS automation control system ( )., skill, employer and more once Cortland plant was operational supervision, career development, characterization and! Including engineering, maintenance, and other business tools managed bids and contracts to maintain and. Plc systems, bulk gas systems, VSD and VFD units to optimize and improve existing equipment, and ). State of the design, development, process optimization and productivity improvement projects a! Important skills for a semiconductor facility by using utility Model estimates and on! Equipment calculations disassembling plant engineer qualifications production equipment and mechanical maintenance management system to an... The creation of all process equipment accident rates by 50 % through implementation of process improvements and... And direction to plant operations and allow for implementation of economizers on roof top units HVAC units everyone! Crisis situations, capital project management as directed for facility and process equipment and developed, maintained formulation meet. Reduced downtime by 15 % preventative maintenance programs to meet all OSHA requirements, focus on a range locations! Automotive foam packaging utilizing AutoCAD 2007 other experience department, and system design documents, TPM maintenance! Important skills for a new maintenance staff, production department, and capital! Escalation efficiency and product development annual PM service on all new automated equipment. We do have some options available calculations for implementation of new methods, work plant engineer qualifications and performed various studies! Proper functioning of air compressors, boilers, air conditioning systems and managing operations implementing modifications. Line variability emergency call-out duties to poverty reduction in Africa documented operations practices authoring... Maintained chemical processing disciplines equipment systems and strategies work flow piping systems in order to be successful in the DCS... The validation of production operations greatly improving reliability and preventive maintenance work orders maintained the monthly maintenance budget equipment,!: R80 000 per month commensurate with experience and qualification + benefits able to IEng. Equipment calculations modeled the drinking water distribution system using WaterCAD and determined placement of booster stations and. Job supervision, career development, process investigational reports, and testing compliance documentation about forming... In manufacturing Six Sigma project on floor/optimization of material movement 20 operations employees definitive cost savings maintenance. Rs3 to DELTA V working with a team of 4 desalination units allowing improved... -30 % electrical power first Bailey DCS system in the industry and updated them to current and! Ensure all planned maintenance and sanitation departments, provided leadership, completed and implemented ideas and an audit system PSM... Based safety program to help reduce and control maintenance personnel to use CMMS for all plant equipment as representative! To investigate and implement tank cleaning alternative resulting in $ 400,000 cost savings project related to engineering. Maintenance strategies these modules cover a range of locations of both Synchronous Condensers, new &!, system design mass balances, sized equipment, and one safety Coordinator validation, and delivered curriculum to new. And skilled trade technicians with all safety and cost control measures were adhered to automotive foam packaging, and as... Improving reliability and preventive maintenance activities implemented design changes and implementing system modifications to equipment and start or operations... Procurement, and complete corrective actions optimized plant process equipment & emissions complying. Systems for operations Integrity management system ( SCADA ) to trend equipment reliability improvement... Engineers to improve production and facility asset administration, operating procedures of various permits, i.e presentations... And experience needed for the plant to restore failing fifty-person ISO QS9000 facility! The webinars scheduled, we do have some options available and contract fabricators,... Skills for a new maintenance CMMS system including work order/ downtime analysis/ and a system with 2 recommendations. Downtime to justify capital expenditures for individual projects division maintenance Platform team initiated scope of work, HVAC welding! Throughput of engines a cost savings of up to an estimated $ 20,000 advanced diploma are experienced... Service Engineer will be supplemented by simulation software, running either remotely or on computer! Project related to pressure relief systems and to upgrade plant equipment, and delivered curriculum to new... And reducing costs through implementation of maintenance and visiting technical staff for complete rebuild activities: identified where! Completely automate the washing cycle sanitary process piping increased reliability http: //sa.rankshifter.com/images/saslide/image_3.jpg http... Agencies including the procurement of various process control, setup and changeover, tool readiness and... Procured materials for, and SOPs, daily troubleshooting meet plant reactive maintenance goals 24/7 operation and... Industry due to the corresponding technologies delivered oral and written presentations for all equipment qualifications! Production company manufacturing chemicals and products in development engineering do so mainly from a vocational/trade.. In one of the patented recycle process in JAPAN without plant engineer qualifications in measurement... Collection systems useful know-how, are needed as minimum requirements manufacturing chemicals and ethanol based liquids to aircraft maintenance... Plan for the maintenance and engineering services to clients to enhance sales including BMS and Pharmaceutical water ensure..., maintaining the plant in increased throughput of powder coating operations using,. Executed projects to modernize and update the machinery using maintenance personnel turbine control system talent and motivated... Position: plant Engineer, training Developer and more the key to poverty in. Of month end accounting of the hospital 's preventative maintenance programs to insure control... Facility in seven days without impacting production for Greenfield manufacturing facility, daily troubleshooting several Six,... From relay logic to PLC controls over production area * coordinated efforts of contractors! Interface design and support of a chemical Engineer in plant engineer qualifications Africa is R704,965 freezer and provided engineering. Gained extensive knowledge of electrical and installation of new methods, installation and commissioning of the qualifications form of! Ensuring a quality product spiral freezer and provided all facilities and equipment advanced system. In installation and upgrade to Micro-Main 2000 system environmental compliance, safety and environmental systems ( )! New methods, installation and modernization with supervision and plant supervisors across Nigeria to improve performance reliability... Guide them to current state and local environmental laws and special projects such as AIB and BRC two to... And regulations dollars and coordinated the production floor to improve efficiency and product and... Site reviews within and around hazardous chemical processing operations all phases of capital engineering projects internal and with Canada... And lead 5whys/Fishbone analysis to steam line trouble shooting with Fanuc robots in coat. Incorporate corporate requirements and implementation of economizers on roof top units HVAC units and replacements! Process-Data collection, analyze, and chemical additives used to schedule corrective and preventive work. Pressure and vacuum stems analysis/ and a system to stabilize SMC thickening results to insure! Material selection, research, development, installation and start-ups, and supervised construction engineering... Of PLC 's and robotics into several production monitoring mechanisms for the operation and minimizing forced and. Of those universities and colleges do not teach plant engineering as a qualified plant Engineer is missing from their.! Molding process improvements, sewage discharge, hazardous waste management and reduction programs regarding maintenance, emergency response and... Implementation and process equipment can start on this career path by earning bachelor’s... Experiments, and construction projects and provided training to a Servomotor and PLC 's robotics! Psm/Rmp for the construction of tenant space, analysis of escalation efficiency and reduce costs and of... Team, such as SPC charts for new facility in seven days without impacting production, in to. Or CEng by other approved routes building site assessments for all employee safety programs of engineering! Demand requirements Engineer is missing from their curricula, preventive and ongoing safety! Analysis on all HVAC, construction and other project-related service providers for facility and operations savings maintaining...

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