We never got to see these birds up-close, but they sure put on a show for us in the air! Birders often report sightings of Hawaiian Goose, Kauai Elepaio, Apapane, Iiwi, Anianiau, Kauai Amakihi, and Akekee, and the extremely rare Puaiohi and Akikiki. The Nene is the state bird of Hawaii. None of the species we see, and few of the others, are endangered. Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax Nycticorax). Now that we are settled back at home, I finally get to share my favorite pictures with you…. Birds on Kauai range from native Hawaiian birds to birds introduced to the Hawaiian Islands throughout the years. Many incredible birds call Kauai home, including native songbirds, tropical birds, and the island’s infamous hordes of wild chickens. I used to think they might be Eagles or bats, but no, you will notice white Egrets in the sky at night sometimes. Myna’s are an invasive species to Hawaii, and are considered an avian pest among Hawaiian natives. It was the only one we saw up close, as you can tell by this picture. but I have to mention that I just watched a video and listened to the call of the last “O’o bird” on Kauai. Superbly illustrated with more than 80 color photographs, The Birds of Kauai covers every avian species that can be seen on the Garden Island. I hope you enjoy this list of some of Kauai’s beloved birds that I’ve put together for you! ), – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –. Why are the Nene birds attracted to this particular property? Unlike several of Kauai’s native forest birds that are confined to this island, however, Iiwi are strong fliers and over the centuries have proliferated across the Hawaiian archipelago. Many years ago Hokuala (previously known as Kaua’i Lagoons) was one of the most successful breeding grounds for the Nene, with up to 800 birds on the property. The Egrets are also everywhere, especially when a grass cutter is at work: swooping dangerously close to those sharp blades just to retrieve some juicy worm or bug unearthed by the action of the machine. Although I didn’t get a picture of every single bird we saw, I did my best to document these moments as they happened throughout the week! The author's knowledge and enthusiasm are evident on each page as he describes native forest birds, seabirds, alien birds, and migratory visitors. Aloha! Sadly, the Hawaiian island of Kauai is … Walk the Alakai Swamp Trail (3.5 miles one-way) to increase the odds of seeing native birds, including possibly the Hawaiian Duck. The male seabirds can be seen displaying their inflated gular sac, which is a bright red part of their neck/chest that puffs out during courtship. They had to be re-introduced into Kauai after becoming extinct early in the last century. More than once, we saw their ‘mating dance’ take place. Some are migratory, some live here their whole lives and some live at sea, keeping nests near beaches and on cliffs. Sea birds on Kauai abound :  Shearwaters, Frigate birds, Petrols, Iwas (those black winged birds shaped in a very definitive v),  Sandpipers who run across the sand at a rate of knots… it’s quite a show. The green, tranquil island of Kauai has lost almost half of its native forest bird species. Prior to this trip, I didn’t know these birds existed! The Shama bird however, hangs out quite a bit in your back yard and even at the beach. I love their piercing, round eyes, which vary in color based on age. That’s gotta be a sure way to impress the ladies! During the winter, (November to July ) the magnificent Albatross come and nest on Kauai. I’m not an ornithologist or even a bird watcher, but I do love birds. They reminded me of small dragons flying down in the canyons and gliding in front of waterfalls. These are talented hunting birds. They are fairly small doves, with a soft cooing call. The login page will open in a new tab. There is a Kauai sub species is endemic to Kauai only. They will stand ever-so-still to wait for the chance to dive into the water to catch their live meal. 7. So a small request. Frankly, I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be seeing any of my favorite birds while on this trip. Becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator – Morgan’s Journey, DIY ‘Ant-Stopper’ for Hummingbird Feeders, Kanahā Pond Wildlife Sanctuary – Maui, Hawaii, Warbling White-eye, or Japanese White-eye (Zosterops Japonicus), Hawaiian Honeycreeper (Drepanis Coccinea), Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis Cardinalis), White-Rumped Shama (Copsychus Malabaricus), Hawaiian Stilt (Himantopus Mexicanus Knudseni), Rose-Winged Parakeet (Psittacula Krameri). Strangely enough, you will sometimes see them in the night sky…. The Nēnē is Hawaii’s state bird, and it is heavily protected by law from hunting. These birds have a dark blackish-brown head with white underbellies. You will find Shamas all over the island and you will notice the Shamas in particular even at the beach . Today less than 1 percent of the population lives on Kauai. Copyright text 2019 by Kauai Vacation Rental Advisor. Please log in again. Although their name sounds like they belong to the Cardinal family, these Brazilian-native birds are actually related to the family of Tanagers. The distinct Red Crested Cardinal on Kauai. It's so nice to meet you! As for the Cardinals, I wouldn’t doubt that they came back to visit you guys! Native Forest Birds by Island : Kauai : Maui : Oahu : Hawaii : Seabirds : Raptors : Waterbirds and Waterfowl : Waders, Shorebirds : Non-native Bird Species : Mammals : Crickets & Bugs : Herps and Amphibeans : Water : Soundscapes Save Our Shearwaters is the only Federal and State permitted facility in Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i approved to rehabilitate native Hawaiian birds with a focus on shearwaters. In no particular order, here’s 18 photos of some beautiful Hawaiian birds! This is a goose and  you will see them hanging out quite freely even in Princeville and near the Kilauea refuge and other parts of the island. Kauai Birds : Albatross, Iwa, Elepaio, I'iwi, Shama, Red Crested Cardinal, native birds, forest birds, sea birds found on Kauai Hawaii has lost many of our native and endemic birds, which is why so many people work so hard to protect what we have left. This species primarily feeds on fish and squid. Note: Each picture was taken by me (Morgan), on my Canon DSLR camera. Thank you to Studio Elepaio for the beautiful photo, Elepaio birdPhoto by & Courtesy of Studio Elepaio. More than 80 species of birds are present on our Garden Island. The Hawaii creeper, a bird endemic to the Big island of Hawaii, is characterized by having an olive green overall plumage, white throat, and dark gray mask. Get ready to be woken up around 6:30am by the calls of these Junglefowl! After logging in you can close it and return to this page. This list of birds of Hawaii is a comprehensive listing of all the bird species seen naturally in the U.S. state of Hawaii as determined by Robert L. and Peter Pyle of the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, and modified by subsequent taxonomic changes. It’s magical to see an I’iwi or Elepaio when you are out hiking but I can’t deny that it’s also wonderful be sitting in your yard and suddenly there’s a flash of red in the plumeria and there’s a bright Red Northern Cardinal or Red Crested Cardinal. The Kaua‘i Forest Bird Recovery Project aims to promote knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of Kaua‘i’s native forest birds. Apapane (ah-pa-PAW-nay) are the most commonly seen honeycreepers, both on the Big Island and Kauai. The Hawaiian bird photographs are copyrighted by Michael Walther. Surviving in the wet, highland forests of Kauai, the anianiau faces the same threats as many other native birds of Hawaii that include avian diseases, habitat loss, invasive plants, climate change, and predators such as cats and rats. Mahalo! All Photographs of Hawaii’s Birds on this website were taken of wild Hawaiian birds in the Hawaiian islands. As was the Japanese white eye – tiny little green birds with white around the eyes,,I love them! They are such friendly little birds who make cute little sounds plus their songs! Hawaiʻi ʻAmakihi. Look at that color! As their name suggests, the Hawaii creeper, like any other creepers, has the ability to climb trees. On Kauai, forest bird habitat lies much lower in elevation than on other islands, such as Hawaii and Maui. The 8 of us stayed at the Marriott Lagoons and we all had a blast on our non-stop adventure! It’s fun seeing what you found in Hawaii!! There are literally hundreds of Red-footed Boobies that have made their home at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Here is a collection of Nene geese, native honeycreepers, as well as water-birds and seabirds. Conservation Agencies Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project The Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project aims to increase awareness and conservation of federally endangered birds of Kaua'i, especially against threats like habitat destruction, invasive plants and predators, and introduced diseases, which have caused the declines in native Hawaiian bird populations. Their honking nosies are similar to Canadian geese, but they also have a low ‘nay nay’ call… So that’s how they got their name! Kauai still has many beautiful birds though and I am so grateful that I can still wake up and listen to the Shama bird singing or the Admiral bird or the bright red Northern cardinal or the Red Crested cardinal (so pretty!) The feral chickens were likely once bred and raised for food, but today they roam the entire island freely, giving tourists a show with their vibrant plumage and distinctive crowing. Enjoyed your pictures and information! I wasn’t aware of this until I looked it up once our plane landed. One of our favorite (and most anticipated!) S ix of the seven birds native to Kauai’s forests are in a state of precipitous decline. Their brilliant coloring makes for a postcard-worthy photo every time. Hi, I'm Morgan! Getting to see this rare species in person was amazing! Whether a casual or expert bird-watcher, you are certain to find Kauai a captivating bird-watching experience. These are 9 photos of the most beautiful native birds in Hawaii. Introduced to Hawaii in 1922, these blue-faced doves are a common sight on Kauai. (Juvenile’s eyes are orange, while adult’s eyes are red). Please Kokua (Hawaiian word roughly translated as help but in this sense : Please do the right thing and care for the “aina”) . Please be aware that using commercial sunscreen (that’s every brand except organic ones) contain chemicals that are killing the reefs but also the birds. Which one is your most favorite? According to the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project. Love listening to them. Rare birds aren’t a rarity in Hawaii, which leads the nation with 35 birds on the endangered species list. How many of you have been to Kauai? Twenty-five years of population data shows dramatic decreases among honeycreepers — 57 percent for anianiau, 91 percent for the Kauai amakihi, and 98 percent for the akekee in their home ranges between 2000 and 2012 alone. I’m happy you both have spent so much time in Kauai – The island is beautiful! The Magnificent Birds of Kauai. Areas where they can be spotted include Maui (Haleakala National Park), on the Big Island (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Mauna Loa), on Kauai (Koke’e State Park and Kilauea Point) and on Molokai. Enjoy! ), these Great Frigatebirds are quite the sight to see! . I am glad I got to witness their sizable wingspan from below! 29. One of the most sought-after birds to see in Hawaii, the ‘I’iwi is a native honeycreeper found only in high elevation forests. I am so glad we got a peek at this young little Heron! The native Kauaian birds tend to be a bit more elusive and are to be found more in the mountain areas along tropical hikes rather than near the ocean and in back yards. Also, how cool is it that one came right up to sit with you guys… I would have been so excited if that happened to me! I saved this one for last, as there aren’t actually feathers on this particular bird. I can help! Although indigenous to Hawaii, nearly all of Kauai’s seabirds are found elsewhere. If so, what was your favorite bird that you saw while you were there? So pay attention when you are hiking in those areas, this is a true Kauai native bird. Now I'm sharing that information here. Enter your email address to have The Wildlife Diary delivered to you via email. They have a kind of “screechy” call when they appear to be arguing but they also have one of the most beautiful songs among the birds on island. There are so many tropical birds that I had never seen before; I couldn’t wait to grab my camera and start searching! I'll share conservation tips, eco-friendly alternatives, and animal adventures all throughout my journey of becoming a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. Though they are both not native to Kauai, they have certainly established themselves in the islands and are thought by many to be native. It’s interesting to watch, as we saw it happen more than once while we were on the island! Throughout the world, loss of native habitat and introduction of non-native species have taken a drastic toll on the native plants and animals of islands. Recovering Maui's Native Forest Birds - Duration: 5:13. (They change colors depending on the season, so it can get confusing). Thank you, and enjoy! The Elepaio is a lovely small bird, a flycatcher. The Hawaiian Stilt and the Nene (Hawaiian Goose) are native to Hawaii. We saw these birds fairly often, especially near our Villa where there were large grassy fields that housed the insects Plovers feast on! These tropical birds are popular in Kauai, as they can be seen just about everywhere you go. ... Invasive alien plants displace native plants needed by forest birds for nesting and foraging and often grow in monocultures that reduce floristic diversity. 1. They can be quite feisty so be careful approaching them! Latin name: Chlorodrepanis virens; Conservation status: Least Concern Both these last were introduced to Kauai . I enjoyed taking these pictures, and I am excited to share them with everyone! To protect Hawaii’s native birds from these and other four-legged predators, conservationists at the Kīlauea Point national wildlife refuge on the island of Kauai … Sounds of the Island birds at 5:30 am in Kauai Hawaii - Duration: 5:05. Im so glad you'll be joining me! This was done with one pair, so the story goes, from the UK where their ancestors had been taken some years before. As a member of the Starling family, these prominent birds are actually a common nuisance to the areas they inhabit. But, I was blessed to see an abundance of new birds which made me extra happy! I remember one day driving up Ka Haku Road in Princeville and people were gathering at a certain point to marvel at a pair of Albatross who had chosen right there, 6 feet from the road, to nest and guard their little one. Hello, My husband and I just got back from our week-long family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. No Hawaii bird photos can be used for any reason without the permission of Michael Walther. A friendly blog dedicated to all things Wildlife. Kauai is the oldest of the archipelago, and therefore Kauai flora and fauna has the longest amount of time to reach the lushness and diversity Kauai has to offer.. They aren’t quite as tall as Hawaiian Stilts, but they have similarly tall legs. Over the years I have helped thousands of people find the perfect place to stay on Kauai whilst also advising on everything from places to propose to the best Na Pali boat ride. Junglefowl can be seen all over Kauai (as well as the other Hawaiian islands), along with hens and their chicks. It's the Hawaiian way. These birds have a black hooked bill, pink legs, and black toes. You write in this current paper that, “The implications of the loss of many of Kauai’s native birds go far beyond the birds themselves.” The birds that can’t soar elsewhere are the ones in trouble—mostly woodland songbirds, but also some wetland and open-country species, including Hawaii’s state bird, the nene. The Native I’iwi Bird on Kauai – courtesy photo of the Audobon Society. Kauai also has a native Owl, the only bird of prey, the “Pueo” in Hawaiian. 6. Kauai Forests and Uplands. (Or any other Hawaiian Islands?) Painting and Wildlife – A Few of My Favorite Things. KOKEE — Hiking through the sheer ridges and native forests of the world’s highest wetland, Justin Hite spends his time looking and listening for Kauai’s endangered forest birds. It is an excellent location for common birdwatching and boasts a number of impressive bird species. So, here is a list of birds that made our list but not our camera roll! Most of the native forest birds are only found above 3,000 feet of elevation within the native forest habitats of Kokee State Park and the Alakai Wilderness. They are the smallest of the booby species, and they display many different colors on both their faces and feet. arguing over some food left by someone or just passing the time of day. These little water birds are closely related to Coots, and they enjoy grazing near marshy areas with lots of vegetation. Loxops mana. White-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon Lepturus). Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Birds of Kauai, Hawaii A closer look at the birds we saw during our week-long vacation on the island. Beautiful red birds with white under tail coverts. ‘Elepaio can be found on the islands of Hawai’i, O’ahu and Kaua’i. We focus on one threatened (I’iwi) and three federally endangered species (Puaiohi, ‘Akikiki, and ‘Akeke’e) , with the goal of facilitating recovery of their populations in the wild. With a seven foot wingspan (I repeat, seven foot! SOS accepts all native Hawaiian birds and the Hawaiian hoary bat for rehabilitation. You might already know how much I love geese, and that I visit our local goose friends at the lake pretty often. e360: Kauai has already lost, I believe, seven of its 13 native forest birds since human colonization. The Nene is the official “bird of Kauai”. They are behaviorally different from domestic roosters and chickens, as they are feral (wild). Hawaii is the home to some of the rarest native birds in the USA. Nene, or Hawaiian Goose (Branta Sandvicensis). It’s sad that many of Kauai’s native birds are either extinct (see below) or just not as prevalent as they used to be. These were definitely one of the most graceful birds we witnessed! A list of suggestions for birding sites on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Big Island are located in the back of the book on pages 134-137. Some of the worst invasive plants are ginger, strawberry guava, and black wattle. They were tough to photograph, though, as they stayed pretty high in trees and moved around a lot. The author's knowledge and enthusiasm are evident on each page as he describes native forest birds, seabirds, alien birds, and migratory visitors. Loxops. The Hawaiian Petrel is a large oceanic bird that inhabits five Hawaiian Islands, including Maui, Hawai’i, Kaua’i, and Lāna‘i. Once they were found at all elevations but now they can now only be found in the higher elevations in forests, so in Koke’e and Alaka’i on Kauai. The native birds of Hawaii, like birds of many island groups, have been hit hard by human-induced changes. So Iiwi’s existence does not rely on the “Garden Island” alone. It can be inflated for 20 minutes or more! (I’m curious to know what stories you’ve heard!). Kauai Advisor ~ Francesca Azuremare ~ has lived on Kauai for 20 years. After doing some more research, I was led to believe that this Heron is a juvenile! This is supposed to be a happy post about birds on Kauai… and it is…. the ‘Elepaio played an important role in Hawaiian mythology; they were thought of as the guiding spirit (‘aumakua) of canoe makers. Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis Fulva). Interestingly enough, there are about a thousand different stories of how the chickens got to Hawaii, and I don’t know if I ever heard the real story while I was there! Superbly illustrated with more than 80 color photographs, The Birds of Kauai covers every avian species that can be seen on the Garden Island. Some say this is due to the invasive species of birds, but I think it’s more to do with chemical sprays than birds. The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated and remote archipelago in the world. House Finch. Please give credit when sharing this post. Thank you so much! Maui Forest Birds 919 views. They are an aggressive bird that will compete with many native birds for their food and nesting areas. We saw plenty more birds during our stay, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get pictures of them all. 4. parts of the trip was getting to go bird watching. You can also hear this call all throughout the day if you listen closely enough. SittingBullBoy7 6,356 views. Hawaii. It makes sense, because Hummingbirds do not inhabit Hawaii! I’d love to hear from you! Don’t you just love the little red shield they have on their forehead? This bright red bird with its sickle-like bill is easiest to see on Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island, though lucky birders can still spot the bird on Molokai and Oahu in the proper habitat. These loud, demanding, and protective birds are all over the island, but they were definitely a sight to see! Red-Crested Cardinal (Paroaria Coronata). I feel blessed to live in such a magical, beautiful place. 8. – – – – – My husband and I just got back from our week-long family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. Is it a goal of yours to help your local wildlife, but you just don't know how? Perhaps they are ridding the cows of tasty bugs or they just like the ride? Fun reading with lots of great bird images! As with birds all over the planet, we are losing them fast. (I didn’t include any affiliate links in this post- I wanted this one to be purely fun and informational! One pair at a time, they nest on the ground which is why you will see signs around warning you not to get too close to a particular area. It is organized by habitat and includes photos, distributions, descriptions, voices, and habits of all of the native and introduced birds that are regularly seen in Hawaii today. This was the only Hummingbird that I saw during my week on Kauai. The male will bob his head up and down while following his potential female mate, making sure to show off the underside of his tail. Birds of Kauai, Hawaii – List of Native Forest, Wetlands and Sea Birds, Migratory Species The Hawaiian island of Kauai is renowned for its natural beauty. The 8 of us stayed at the Marriott Lagoons and we all had a blast on our non-stop adventure! We think the same birds return to visit us but it might just be our imagination! Not surprisingly, we saw these little guys munching on the grassy fields near our Villa almost every time we drove by. Save Our Shearwaters is located within the Kauai H On our last visit one of them actually sat on my husbands lap! The Laysan Albatross which nests on Kauai in the Winter. Really sad. They also frequent the beaches too so watch out for these elegant white beauties. I will be your guide to all things wildlife. That means the march of mosquitoes into the upper reaches of the birds… Above is the beautiful I’iwi bird, native to the Hawaiian islands and found mostly in Koke’e and some other higher mountainous regions these days. There is the Nene, which is the official bird of Kauai and was reintroduced to Kauai this last century. I really enjoyed taking pictures of these birds! This is one of our favorite galleries. We have visited Kauai several years in a row and always especially enjoy the Red-crested Cardinals. yes, the Nene, not the chicken. They are also known as the “cattle bird” as they will also perch on cows for long periods of time. It was hard to identify this bird at first, but we eventually nailed it down to the Pacific Golden Plover.

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